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Strange Brew review

Strange Brew teaser Strange Brew trailer Mutants of 2051 AD Moths in the theatre Last beer
Mouse in a bottle Freeing Pam Donut bribe Meeting Rosie New jobs

A review of Strange Brew the hosers did on PBS!

The Strange Brew teaser.  Sorry the quality sucks, eh.  The only place I've ever seen this is on the laserdisc

The Strange Brew trailer

The Mutants of 2051 AD, shot in 3-B!

Doug releases a jar of moths in the theatre

Bob & Doug waste the last beer

Doug puts his mouse in a bottle scam to the test

The hosers free Pam from the electrified gate.  Good thing Doug hooked up the stereo!

Donut bribe -- it's a jelly

The hosers meet Rosie LaRose

Bob & Doug hork a couple beers two minutes into their new jobs
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