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The Great White North

Track Title Length Format
1 This is our album, eh? 3:40 ogg  mp3
2 The Beerhunter 2:23 ogg  mp3
3 School Announcements 1:52 ogg  mp3
4 The Miracle of Music 0:41 ogg  mp3
5 Peter's Donuts 3:02 ogg  mp3
6 Gimme A Smoke 1:59 ogg  mp3
7 Take Off 4:43 ogg  mp3
8 Coffee Sandwich 2:26 ogg  mp3
9 Welcome to Side Two 0:58 ogg  mp3
10 Doug's Mouth 3:33 ogg  mp3
11 Elron McKenzie 2:28 ogg  mp3
12 Black Holes 2:06 ogg  mp3
13 You Are Our Guest 2:14 ogg  mp3
14 Ernie's Mom 1:54 ogg  mp3
15 Twelve Days of Christmas 4:42 ogg  mp3
16 Ralph The Dog 3:11 ogg  mp3
17 Okay, This is the End, eh? 1:57 ogg  mp3
18 Honest 0:31 ogg  mp3

Here's an image of an order form that was included with the LP.

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The Strange Brew Soundtrack

Note:You can get this album in FLAC format (including liner notes and cover scans) by downloading this BitTorrent file and opening it in your BitTorrent client. If you don't have one, I'd suggest Transmission (Linux/Mac) or uTorrent (Windows).

This soundtrack did not sell well and was only available for a short time around 1983. Huge thanks go to Uncle Fry and Zamby for getting the tape version to me, and to the hosers over at BobNET for the FLAC version!

Track Title Length Format
1 This isn't Our Second Album 4:01 ogg  mp3
2 Welcome to Our Movie / Mutants 3:15 ogg  mp3
3 Mutants of 2051 II 3:22 ogg  mp3
4 I Didn't Do it, You Knob 1:54 ogg  mp3
5 Mouse in a Bottle (Film Dialogue) 5:33 ogg  mp3
6 Strange Brew 3:37 ogg  mp3
7 Behind the Scenes 0:58 ogg  mp3
8 Shakespeare Horked Our Script 1:53 ogg  mp3
9 The Game (Film Dialogue) 2:44 ogg  mp3
10 I Did it, You Knob 1:57 ogg  mp3
11 The Chase (Film Dialogue) 3:50 ogg  mp3
12 I Did it Again, You Knob 1:26 ogg  mp3
13 The Love Theme 1:34 ogg  mp3
14 Another Strange Brew (Film Dialogue) 5:21 ogg  mp3
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Guest DJs

Once again, Uncle Fry and Zamby came through to bring us a real Bob & Doug rarity. Around 1981 they did a syndicated guest DJ stint that floated around the airwaves for a while. I have included info on the entire recording for completeness, but only the actual Bob & Doug tracks are available for download. So like, download it already, eh!

Track Title Length Size
1 Welcome to Our Radio Show 1:19 1.2MB
  The Police - Spirits in the Material World    
2 Today's Weather/News Report 2:01 1.9MB
  The Beatles - Hard Day's Night    
3 A Word from Our Sponsor 0:30 474KB
4 Traffic Report 2:16 2.1MB
  Loverboy - The Kid is Hot Tonight    
5 Loaded 'n' Rollin'/New Theme 2:46 2.5MB
6 Empties 0:52 826KB
  Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home    
7 Stealin' Albums 1:36 1.5MB
  Rush - Spirit of Radio    
  Genesis - Abacab    
8 Beer Bribe 0:42 672KB
9 Don't Belittle Yourself 0:56 888KB
  Alan Parsons Project - Wouldn't Wanna be Like You    
10 Hockey Editorial 2:28 2.3MB
  The Doors - Set the Night on Fire    
11 To Our Loyal Listeners 1:42 1.6MB
  Bob & Doug McKenzie - Take Off 4:43 4.1MB
12 Show's Over/New Theme II 2:41 2.5MB
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BBC Rock Hour

This is an edition of BBC Rock Hour featuring Bob & Doug from February 1982. As with the Guest DJ album, I'm making available all the actual Bob & Doug material, and listing the rest of the album contents for completeness. Many thanks to Dave Buerster for getting this to me, and to Greg for putting me in touch with him. Thanks a ton for this rare gem guys!

Cue sheet

Track Title Length Format
1 Dick Sheppard Intro 0:50 ogg   mp3
  Canadian Music Montage    
2 Lower 48 2:04 ogg   mp3
  April Wine - Song of the Gypsy Queen    
3 Radio is Beauty 0:52 ogg   mp3
  Bob & Doug McKenzie - School Announcements    
  Dannon and Miller Commercials    
4 Hoser and Take Off 0:20 ogg   mp3
5 Geddy Lee 0:55 ogg   mp3
  Rush - Limelight    
6 End of Side 1 0:05 ogg   mp3
7 Welcome to Side 2 0:43 ogg   mp3
  Bob & Doug McKenzie - Elron McKenzie    
8 Loverboy Intro 0:25 ogg   mp3
  Loverboy - Working for the Weekend    
9 8-Tracks 0:32 ogg   mp3
  Bob & Doug McKenzie - Coffee Sandwich    
10 Triumph Intro 0:21 ogg   mp3
  Triumph - Say Goodbye    
  Dannon and Miller Commercials    
11 Henry Small of Prism - Take Off 0:10 ogg   mp3
  Prism - Hole in Paradise    
12 Origin of Bob & Doug 4:16 ogg   mp3
  Bob & Doug McKenzie - The Beerhunter    
13 End of the Interview 1:22 ogg   mp3
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Rock Chronicles

Once again, Greg and Dave Buerster got me a rare album -- an edition of Westwood One's Rock Chronicles featuring Canadian bands. I've only included the one segment featuring Bob & Doug (and Geddy Lee).

Cue sheet

Track Title Length Format
1 Bob & Doug and Geddy Lee Interview 1:22 ogg   mp3
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See the pics section for images of the sleeve and label eh!

Title Length Format
Take Off (Radio Edit) 2:45 ogg  mp3
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