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Q: Can you put me in contact with Rick and Dave?
A: Unfortunately, no.  Mine is just a humble fan site, and I have no contact with Rick and Dave, nor do I have any agent info on them.  Sorry!

Q: That memorabilia on the pictures page is awesome!  Is it still for sale?
A: No.  The guy asked me to get the word out when he was selling it all back in 2005, and somebody grabbed it after a few months.

Q: Where can I buy Bob & Doug stuff?
A: The only new stuff I know of that's out there is here and here.  Other than that, eBay is your best bet.  If you know of other Bob & Doug stuff out there, let me know and I'll add it here.

Q: I have a question about SCTV.
A: I was never into SCTV as it was kind of before my time, so my knowledge of it is pretty minimal.  Take a look at SCTVGuide or the official SCTV site.

Q: Why do you only have four questions on your FAQ, you knob?
A: Take off hoser, I have five!

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