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4 February 2024: Darren sent a couple more beauty videos: 12 November 2023: Darren sends along a short interview with Geddy Lee where he discusses the success of the Take Off single at 0:38. Thanks Darren!

27 June 2023: Will pointed me to a video of all three Beer Canada ads. Thanks as always Will!

7 March 2023: Joe sent along a new ad campaign to stop a new beer tax starring Bob & Doug! I wasn't sure if that was Rick, but apparently it is! Beauty to see the hosers back together. Thanks Joe!

19 February 2023: Darren passed along a Facebook post by Lawrence Gowan being a total knob. Thanks as always Darren!

7 July 2022: Darren sends along another beauty video of the hosers on New Music way back in December 1981! Very cool to see how big they were in their heydey!

18 May 2022: Darren sends in this video of Bob & Doug on Letterman back in '82! Thanks as always hoser!

22 March 2022: Frequent contributor Will found the entire Strange Brew score! I had no idea this even existed. Thanks a ton Will!

6 December 2021: I came across these beauty Bob & Doug fridge magnets in a local store, made by Vancouver-based artist Andrea Hooge. Beauty stocking stuffers eh!

1 December 2021: Darren sent along some great stuff! I also got a question from a different hoser named Darren a while back, who is trying to figure out what model of hockey mask is used in the movie. He writes:
I know from a forum board online dating back from 2010 that they say the helmet is a Cooper SK2000 (which are rarities and collectables now), but the mask I first thought was from , but there's one less hole by the mouth area and in the film there are 3 on each side. One guess is that it's from a Mike Liut goalie mask made from fiberglass to which they cut the top off from and metal hinges to the top of the mask to the Cooper SK2000 helmet to where it can be lifted. That's my guess at least.
If anyone has any info they can provide, send me a message and I'll pass it along!

26 August 2020: Here's a great article with some details on how the Great White North album got greenlit; thanks to frequent contributor Darren for sharing!

29 March 2020: Will sent along a collection of newspaper ads for Strange Brew; really cool to see what else was released at the same time. Credit to RossMan for compiling! Also, would you believe Edmonton now has Bob & Doug statues? That town just got a whole lot more beauty in my book eh! Thanks to Will and Joe for sending that news along. Stay healthy hosers!

19 November 2019: A friend from the past showed up in my inbox today, and sent along an HBO commercial for Strange Brew! Thanks a ton Will! New Bob & Doug material is hard to come by these days!

6 September 2018: Good ol' KoHoSo sent along this tweet where you can win a one-of-a-kind set of Bob & Doug figurines! Beauty eh!

24 September 2017: Our hoser friend Darren sends me more links than I can keep up with eh! He sent along more news stories (and a video too) about the reunion show than there are packs of backbacon on Christmas! He also sent along an article about the reunion written by Ian Thomas. Darren and Will also sent a link to a video of the reunion on Daniel Reynish's Facebook page. Finally, Darren also sent in a photo of Geddy Lee with his wife and son at the recording of "Take Off" -- check it out on the pics page. Thanks as always Darren and Will!

01 June 2017:
Big news today eh! Rick and Dave are reuniting for a one-night show on July 18 in Toronto to benefit Jake Thomas! Hosers from SCTV, The Kids in the Hall, and others will be joining as well. VIP tickets go on sale June 5, and the rest on June 12 at (or call 416-343-0011). Beauty find Will and KoHoSo!

05 May 2017:
Ian Thomas' son Jake was in an accident in January that left him paraplegic. An auction has been set up to raise money for Jake and his family. There are a few Bob & Doug related items, most notably the clothes that Rick and Dave wore on the Two-Four anniversary special! There are also some unique Rush items available. Much thanks to our good friend Darren for passing this along.

22 April 2017:
Frequent contributor Darren passed along a 2004 interview with Rick Moranis; see page 4 for the Bob and Doug-specific part. He also pointed me to an interview with Ian Thomas where he briefly mentions his time with Bob & Doug. Thanks Darren!

04 December 2016:
I posted the rest of the Night Flight interview, and also Bob & Doug at the 1982 Juno awards, courtesy of our good friends Will and Darren, respectively. Thanks hosers! I also ran across Amanda Moranis' YouTube page, which has some beauty tributes to Rick's movies, including a recent Bob & Doug impression!

27 October 2016:
I've got a pile of updates I've been sitting on; sorry for the delay! I'm such a knob. Time for a beauty bullet list!
12 April 2016: Will got ahold of a rare interview with Bob & Doug from Night Flight way back in 1982, eh! Great find Will! Also, Matt sent along a couple beauty pictures from the Strange Brew Blu-ray, including a beauty wallpaper. Thanks hosers!

5 March 2016:
Will sent along news that Strange Brew is finally out on Blu-ray! Darren has also sent along some interesting stuff. Library and Archives Canada has some beauty photos of the hosers that I've never seen before. An album called "ICON: Best of Canada - The 1980's" includes Take Off as the final track. The album is available on iTunes and Google Play, but Take Off is not available as a digital download, making it an aptly named track! Very strange, since it is available to download as part of The Great White North. He also pointed me to a Rolling Stone article on the hosers from back in 1982. Thanks a lot Will and Darren!

24 July 2015: Wow, it's been a while since we've had an update! Frequent contributor Darren sent me several things a very long time ago, but I'm a knob and they got buried. First off, he pointed out that there are plenty of Bob & Doug newspaper articles to be found in the Google archives. Also, he sent along a rare photo of Geddy Lee in the studio with Bob & Doug that I've never seen elsewhere; take a look on the pics page. Finally, he sent along an interview with Ian Thomas, and a clip of the part where he talks about his involvement during his brother Dave's time as Doug McKenzie. Thanks for the great stuff Darren, and sorry for dropping the ball on getting it posted!

7 April 2014: Phillips Brewery in Victoria, BC has started selling Elsinore beer!

14 March 2014: For any hosers in the Vancouver area, Cascade on Main is showing Strange Brew on March 24th at 9:30pm!  There will be a costume contest too.  I plan to swing by, so if you're coming, drop me an email and we can meet up there eh!

13 November 2013:
The site is back to normal, eh!  Sorry about that.

11 November 2013:
You may have noticed the site was down for a couple days, and now redirects to a shady-looking IP address.  Not to worry, my web site provider is just working through a little issue.  The site is back to normal except for the URL, and that will be fixed before long.  Good day!

28 October 2013:
Darren sent along a Canada Dry ad featuring The Great White North; check it out on the pics page.  Thanks to Eric at Rush Power Windows for cleaning it up!  The photo is from the new book RUSH: The Illustrated History by Martin Popoff.

29 September 2013:
Stefane sent me photos of a special edition of The Daily Hoser he got on the opening night of Strange Brew.  Take a look on the pics page.  Thanks Stefane!

19 June 2013:
KoHoSo sends us news of a Nerdist podcast with Rick Moranis.  Beauty find hoser!

3 April 2013: I rescanned the first two Bob & Doug photos I ever posted on this site way back in 1997.  Enjoy them in their high-res glory eh!

14 February 2013:
The folks at The Second City Network are posting old SCTV sketches weekly; maybe we'll see some Bob & Doug up there soon.

19 January 2013: Greg sent in a beauty pic of a real bottle of Elsinore beer!  This is probably the best piece of memorabilia I've ever seen.  Take a look on the pics page.  Thanks Greg!

16 October 2012: I added a couple photos to the pics page of a tacky, weird VW van I passed by here in Vancouver a couple weeks ago.

16 August 2012: Will sent along a great interview with Dave Thomas from back in 2000.  Thanks again Will!  I also put up a few shots of the couple Red Cap stubby bottles that I got ahold of thanks to my friend Chris who happened to be out east when they were available; you can find them on the pics page.  Beauty!

15 March 2012: I ran across a video of Bob & Doug doing a review of Strange Brew on PBS and posted it to the movies page.  I don't remember where I got this.  Enjoy it eh!

18 January 2012: Will sends us news of an opinion by Rick Moranis over at the WSJ today, eh.  Also, Alex pointed me to some beauty videos of his Bob McKenzie impression (long and short versions) and an old clip of Rick on Nickelodeon talking about Bob & Doug.  Thanks a ton guys!  I'm moving in a week or two, so the site will be down for at least a few hours, but I'm sure both of the hosers that actually visit this site will understand, eh!

5 July 2011:
A fan pointed me to Andres Alvarez's work -- he apparently worked on the Bob & Doug animated series and posted his turnarounds of Bob & Doug.  Beauty!  Jack also contributed stencil art of the hosers, which you can find at the bottom of the pics page.  Thanks a lot Jack!

7 January 2011: Happy New Year to all hosers!  A fan writes in with this query: "I've always wondered about the lightning bolt and outhouse featured on the Strange Brew poster. Can you shed any light on their origins?"  Email me with any info you have, and all theories are welcome too!

24 November 2010: I finally got around to scanning in The Daily Hoser, the sleeve for the Great White North LP, which contains the script for "You Are Our Guest."  You can find it at the bottom of the pictures page.  To all you hosers down south, happy Thanksgiving eh!

2 November 2010: A Bob and Doug fan sent in a beauty photo of her little kids in hoser costumes -- take a look at the bottom of the pictures page!  Thanks Tai!

9 October 2010: Dwight over at SCTVGuide sent me some great scans of the Strange Brew soundtrack album, Strange Brew single, and Daily Hoser insert that came with the soundtrack LP.  Take a look at the bottom of the pics page!  Thanks a ton Dwight!

28 January 2010: A fan emailed me a while back asking what was the exact date that The Great White North was released in the US.  If anyone knows the answer, drop me a line!

20 January 2010: Good day, and welcome to my new web site, eh!  After years of embarrassment over my aging site, I decided to start from scratch and fix some things.  The site is now using the latest in '90s technology.  The movie clips have all been re-ripped from the DVD, so they're much better quality than the old laserdisc abominations I used to have up.  There are bound to be a few kinks here and there with all the changes, so be sure to email me if you find anything broken or unintuitive, if you have any comments (positive or negative, as long as they're constructive), or if you just miss the old site and wanna call me a knob.  If you've made it this far, I'm sure you can figure out how to email me from the front page.  I hope you enjoy the site eh!

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