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News Archives (2001 - 2009)

30 March 2009: Jack sends us news that The Bob & Doug Animated Series will finally premiere Sunday, April 19, at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Global up here in the Great White North, and that the full episodes will be available on Thanks for the info Jack! Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'd appreciate feedback on the site. Criticism is always welcome as long as it's constructive and you're not a total knob about it, eh. Just click the letter icon on the left to send me a message. Good day!

11 December 2008: Got a lot of news today, eh. First off, Second City has asked me to take down the SCTV clips, so they're no longer available -- sorry! Also, our friends over at BobNET ripped a cleaner copy of the Strange Brew Soundtrack, so grab the new .torrent file if you're interested. Finally, Joe sends us linkage to an animated version of The 12 Days of Christmas, which includes a teaser for the new animated series. Merry Christmas eh!

11 November 2008: The good hosers over at BobNET got ahold of a pristine copy of the Strange Brew Soundtrack and are sharing it in FLAC format (along with beauty scans of the album and insert) through BitTorrent. Save the .torrent file and open it in your favourite BitTorrent client (if you don't have one, may I suggest Vuze?)

Also, our hoser friend Joe sends along the news that Rick will not be voicing Bob in the new animated series.

16 October 2008: I was going through some old data on my hard drive and found the script for Strange Brew. It's on the movies page, or you can just click here, eh!

04 September 2008: I got ahold of a couple radio shows from the early '80s and put them on the albums page. Huge thanks to Dave Buerster for sending these to me, and to Greg for putting me in touch with him. It is much appreciated guys!

26 June 2008: The radio edit of Take Off has been found! You can find it in the album section (under Singles), and pictures of the label and sleeve are in the pictures section. Enjoy! Many thanks to our anonymous hoser friend, eh!

18 June 2008: Will sends a pointer to another article about the Bob & Doug animated series, this one with a bit more meat. Beauty!

17 June 2008: A few fans sent word of a new article going around the news sites on the Bob & Doug animated series in the works. Thanks to Tim, Rita and Will for the tip! By the way, I moved the site back in-house this weekend, so now it's being hosted from Canada for the first time :-) Huge thanks to my friends at for hosting me for the past 5.5 years, I couldn't have done it without them.

30 May 2008: A fan asked me if I knew where to find a copy of the radio edit of "Take Off" (duration 2:42). I've never heard it before, and was wondering if anyone out there knew where to find it? Please let me know if you can help, eh!

29 April 2008: My buddy Will sent word that the Bob & Doug Animated Series is finally going to happen -- it should show up around January of next year up here in Canada. Thanks Will!

06 March 2008: The good folks at Forever Retro Magazine gave me permission to reprint the article they did on Bob & Doug in their premier issue; you can read it here. I even got my own paragraph -- beauty!

24 January 2008: A new site just started up called, and they've invited me to host my own forum on there! Beauty! You can find the forum here, including my intro message. If you've got compliments, constructive criticism, or any other comments about this site, or if you just want to talk about All Things Bob & Doug, please do!

03 January 2008: Happy New Year eh! Just wanted to let you know that Universal Music Canada is running a Bob & Doug contest right now. If you buy the HOSEtone ringtone (see details two entries down), you'll be automatically entered into a contest to win an autographed copy of Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary DVD and a Great White North CD. Good day! UPDATE: You must text "HOSERS" to be entered in the contest; if you text "HOSER" you will get the ringtone but won't be entered in the contest. Geez!

20 December 2007:
A new magazine is starting up called Forever Retro, and their first issue, available next month, will feature a story on Bob & Doug and an interview with Dave Thomas! So check it out, I know I will eh!

11 December 2007: I hear you can get the official HOSEtone on your cell phone (Canada only eh, sorry!) Text the word "Hoser" to 32123. You'll get a message back with a link to download the call (Coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo). It costs $3.50. Beauty!

3 December 2007:
A fan sent me this interesting bit of info on the Two-Four DVD: " has two different versions of the Two-Four DVD listed at a good price ($21.99 and free shipping, even to those of us in the Lower 48--beauty, eh?). The "Deluxe" version is Catalogue number MAP53390, and that's the one I'm guessing most Bob & Doug fanatics will want. The "retail" version is also listed, MAP53796 (I'm guessing, but I don't know for sure, that it doesn't include the bottle opener). CDPlus is a lot cheaper than or Chapters for shipping to the US." If you're in Canada, looks like the cheaper route to go, eh. Thanks a lot for the tip Will!

2 October 2007: Dave and Ian Thomas will be at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on Friday, October 12. Thanks for the tip Danna!

22 September 2007:
So like, I have come into possession of the cover art for the upcoming DVD release of the Two-Four Anniversary special; check it out in the pictures page, eh! My insider tells me, "The DVD, which is releasing on Nov. 20th of this year, is a special edition of the 24 Anniversary you saw broadcast on TV. However, the version we are releasing is twice as long as the broadcast version. There are also 54 minutes of additional bonus features such as a segment called "the Sounds of the Great White North"...its various celebrities and average people doing the call, a bunch of Bob and Doug commercials, 2 songs from the CD, 7 classic skits from the SCTV show and extended interviews and outtakes. Dave Thomas himself is overseeing the whole editing and producing process. This is the ultimate fan collection. The DVD also comes with a Bob and Doug bottle opener...and if you buy its at Future Shop you may find 4 Bob and Doug beer coasters inside as well."

24 July 2007: A fan recently asked me what I thought about putting together a Hoserfest of some sort; just some stubbies, donuts, backbacon, and a bunch of toque-wearing hosers to get together and share our appreciation of all things Bob & Doug. So, I'm just putting a feeler out to see what kind of interest there would be. If you'd be up for something like that, let me know and feel free to give me suggestions, eh. Also, check out Bob & Doug's beauty commercial for Red Cap Ale, eh! That's my post for today, so good day!

20 June 2007: Big thanks to Will for sending me an audio clip of Bob & Doug's intro to The Larger Bowl at the Rush concert in Tampa last Saturday. Check it out on the sounds page, or just get it here.

18 June 2007: Several people tipped me off that Bob & Doug did a little intro for the song "The Larger Bowl" on the Rush tour. That will be a beauty treat for all your Rush fans that make it to the concert! Thanks to Joe, John, and Will for letting me know!

27 May 2007: Here is a YouTube video of all the Bob & Doug segments from last weekend's Two Four special, and here is a commercial the hosers did for some beer, eh. Thanks to Stevie for the links!

19 May 2007: I just found out that Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary is airing tomorrow, May 20th, not today as I was told (at least with Shaw cable). Check your listings.

17 May 2007:
Just a reminder that Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary is airing this Saturday, May 19 on a CBC station near you at 9pm, after an airing of Strange Brew at 7pm! Well, as long as you're in Canada, eh. To my knowledge, it's not playing outside the country. But I'll ask the producer to let me know if and when it's released on DVD. Good day!

26 April 2007: Here's an interview with Geddy Lee where he mentions the Great White North track "Take Off." Thanks for the tip Will!

21 February 2007: Me Jane Films is working on a documentary entitled The Two-Four Anniversary of "Strange Brew" and they're looking for stories from fans! Check out the announcement and make sure you tell them sent you, eh! Can't wait to see this one. And incidentally, the site is ten years old this month! I don't know the exact date I launched the site, but my best guess is February 1997. I hope you've enjoyed the site as much as I've enjoyed running it.

12 December 2005: is in the news eh! I was interviewed for a story on Bob & Doug's Twelve Days of Christmas by The Simcoe Reformer. Here's the article in PDF format. Thanks to Kate Schwass and TSR for the interview and the permission to post the story!

05 December 2005: The Bob & Doug memorabilia has been sold. Congrats to the lucky new owner!

12 October 2005: I just received some great pictures of the Bob & Doug memorabilia that I posted earlier on the site. Take a look at it here and email me if you're interested. Good day!
Update: I have removed the link to the memorabilia list since it's been sold.

01 July 2005: A fan contacted me with an amazing list of Bob & Doug memorabilia that he wants to sell.  If you're interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch.  Also, I was reminded of a couple cool pictures you all might like.  Way to dumpster dive you hosers!  And finally -- happy Canada Day, eh!
Update: I have removed the link to the memorabilia list since it's been sold.

05 February 2005: In January I finally moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm a real hoser now, eh! Now I just have to learn this metric thing -- oh yeah, double it and add 30!

29 March 2004: dvdfile has a little blurb about the first SCTV DVD box set, due out June 8th. They've even got Bob and Doug on the cover! Beauty! Thanks to Todd for the info.

25 March 2004: The admin of another site contacted me, and would like to do an interview with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. Since this is just a fan site I don't have any connections with them, but if one of you hosers out there knows how she can get in contact with them, please let me know. Thanks!

19 March 2004: Ok, so like, I want to move to Canada, eh! I'm looking for a job in Vancouver. If anyone out there knows someone looking for a good Unix/Linux System Administrator, please let me know! You can take a look at my resume here. And yes, the irony of this is not lost on me, eh ;-) I'll keep this page updated with news of my move when I know more. On another note, thanks to Joe for contributing a nice screen shot from Strange Brew -- you can check it out in the pics section. Good day!

09 October 2003: Good ol' Fry Tor sent me a beauty link to the official Brother Bear web site. You'll get to hear plenty of Tuke and Rutt (the mooses voiced by Dave and Rick); just stick around, eh. They'll keep popping back up and saying new things.

24 August 2003: Looks like SCTV is finally coming to DVD, as reported by this site. Thanks to Will and Todd for the tip!

26 June 2003: The webmaster of pointed me to a little fanfiction that involves The Great White North. It's in French, but if you're feeling lucky you can always try Babelfish.

17 June 2003: A fan pointed me to this trailer for an upcoming Disney movie called Brother Bear, which stars Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas in major supporting roles! Check out the trailer and you'll hear the unmistakeable voices of Bob and Doug. Beauty! Thanks for the tip Dustin! Also, I've added a comic to the pictures section. Enjoy!

12 June 2003: Some people have been asking about the animated Bob and Doug show after seeing the teaser on the DVD. I found an article about Dave's latest project: he's directing Whitecoats, due out in September. The article talks a little about the animated show and says that Dave is looking for a network to pick it up. According to Dave, things look promising. So keep your fingers crossed hosers!

01 January 2003: Happy New Year, eh! A friend sent me a beauty shot of Shania Twain wearing a Bob and Doug toque. Check it out in the pictures section! If anyone finds out where she got it, drop me a line, eh!

30 November 2002: The site has now been moved and is being hosted by the good folks at Thanks a million to Jeff and the other hosers at losergeek for keeping the site alive! As always, let me know if you have any problems, eh.

29 November 2002: Just a reminder that I'll be moving in the next few days. I got a very gracious offer from someone to host the site, so if all goes well you shouldn't see an outage. And the site should be a good bit faster from the new server than it has been from my apartment. Good day!

1 November 2002: Check out the little Bob & Doug cartoon at this site. Just wait for the yuppie to shut up, then scroll down to "Bob and Doug McKenzie" in the lower left window. You'll need Flash or Quicktime to view it. Thanks for the tip Dean!

19 October 2002: Bad news, eh. I may not be able to host this site after November. I'm moving and I can't get (decent) DSL service at my new house. I'm sure I'll find a way to keep the site going, but there could be some downtime until I figure something out. At the very least the site will be down for a few days the first week of December while I move. If anyone wants to host the site for me, send me an email and we can discuss it.

4 October 2002: Sorry if the site is a bit slow. It seems to be getting about three times the normal traffic right now. So like, be patient, eh...

1 October 2002: Today's the big day, eh! Pull out your Coleman, fry up the backbacon, open a couple two-fours, and grab the Strange Brew DVD! I hear it's shot in 3-B, eh!

1 August 2002: Check out the features listed for the Strange Brew DVD at dvdplanet: "theatrical trailer, animated adventures of Bob and Doug, and Great White North episodes from SCTV"! Sounds like it's gonna be a beauty fall! Thanks again to good ol' Ralph for keeping us up-to-date on the DVD.

12 July 2002: According to this article at The Digital Bits, Strange Brew will be released on DVD on October 1st! Beauty! Thanks Ralph for the tip!

23 May 2002: Several people suggested that I shrink the icons and sidebar graphics so they'd fit on the screen at 1024x768. Let me know if you have any problems or more suggestions.

22 May 2002: A fan sent me 19 MPEG movies of Bob and Doug on SCTV! Check them out on the movies page, eh!

18 May 2002: The new site is here! It has been redesigned from the ground up, so hopefully you'll find it easier to navigate now. Check it out and let me know if you find any problems or have questions/comments/suggestions. Enjoy! If you don't like change, maybe you'll be happier at the old pages.

13 May 2002: The site is back! The line test looks good, so the site should be 3 times faster than it used to be. The new site will be here shortly...

4 May 2002: Well, it's taking a little longer than expected to get my new DSL line, but it's in the works. The site should be back in 2 or 3 weeks, along with a much-needed facelift. Also, the site has moved to; will still point here for a while, but you should update your bookmarks now, eh.

26 March 2002: The site will be unavailable starting around 27 March for about a month as I upgrade my DSL service. The upside is that my new service should make the site about 3 times faster. See you on the flip side...

23 November 2001: I've switched DSL providers, but preliminary tests are not showing an increase in my upload speed, so you probably won't notice a difference. Oh well, such is life, eh...

19 November 2001: I should have my new DSL line up and running any day now. The site will probably disappear for a day or so while the DNS tables are being updated, but when it returns it will hopefully be a bit faster and more reliable.

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